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Automation & Integration

Netrogen develop business automation, reporting, and integration solutions for client companies. These services have addressed a variety of systems integration and automation problems, whether identified by clients independently or by us.

Most of our clients would agree that the work that we have done for them has offered extraordinary long-term value.

Quick Case Studies

One client spent days attempting to solve a database-related problem that Emmet solved in 15 minutes.

The same client has been saving 90 minutes of overtime per day from 1 day of our work — in other words, it paid for itself in less than 2 weeks, and over a year, this tiny element of our work alone would pay for our retainer twice over.

Another client has twice replaced a “stop-gap” system that we implemented — we even encouraged them to replace it. Nobody expected the expensive replacements to exhibit error-rates of 40% — fully eight times the 5% rate of our “quick hack” that we had thought unacceptable.

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