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Emmet Caulfield

Photograph of Emmet Caulfield

Emmet Caulfield is the principal behind Netrogen.

He graduated from Dublin City University with a B.Eng. (2:1) in Electronic Engineering in 1995, and worked in product development as a mixed-signal hardware designer and embedded systems programmer in Kestral Security Products Ltd.

He returned to DCU to pursue a Ph.D. in Plasma Surface Engineering one year later, where he began programming Perl for websites. 2 years later, he was programming Perl full-time. He was a part-time lecturer and project mentor (at degree and diploma level) in the School of Computing at the Dublin Institute of Technology for 10 years; he has lectured in Distributed Systems, Operating Systems Theory, Database Systems, and Object-Oriented Programming.

In addition to numerous highly successful Internet-oriented commercial projects, Emmet has worked regularly as a UNIX & shell programming trainer; has developed training materials both for his own commercial use and to contract; and has solved numerous business automation and legacy systems integration problems for a variety of clients.

He is a member of the IEEE, the The IEEE Computer Society, the ACM, and the IEEE Standards Association. He is an occasional contributor to the perl-xml and austin-group-l mailing lists.

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