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Emmet worked on the development of the award-winning educational website and was responsible for all areas of site design and functionality. He is a very talented and committed individual who combines technical excellence and extensive back-end knowledge with a keen eye for front-end design and the user interface — a rare combination, in our experience.

His ability to innovate, plan workflow and meet tight deadlines ensured that our website out-scored several bigger and better-resourced sites and contributed greatly to its market leading position within the Irish educational market.

Keith Rowe
Managing Director Ltd

Partial Client List

Blackrock Education Centre
DiverseyLever (now Johnson Diversey)
  • Dispatch processing system integration with EDI.
  • Incoming & outgoing order EDI processing.
  • Automated report generation from legacy systems.
  • General consulting & troubleshooting.
  • Development of training materials for proprietary PPL GSM network product.
  • Cross-browser JavaScript for IP-Telephony browser-plugin management.
  • IP-Telephony Billing System development.
  • Call data analysis. Ltd.
  • Development of (sold to Intel, no longer contains our work).
  • Technical consultant during redevelopment of by Weblink Ltd.
  • Redevelopment of
  • Development of
Systems & Software Training Ltd.
  • UNIX training (fundamentals) at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin.
  • UNIX training (custom intermediate) at Analog Devices, Limerick.
  • UNIX training (fundamentals) at JLS, Dublin.
  • Korn Shell Script training (custom intermediate) at Flextronics, Limerick.
  • Korn Shell Script training (intermediate) at Dell, Limerick.
  • Korn Shell Script training (fundamentals) at BNP, Dublin.

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